🏘️#Boston is home to a vibrant startup ecosystem across many verticals, such as #cleantech#biotech and #robotics.
In the 2️⃣nd #ecosystem#showcase talk we’ve learned how #startups#researchers and #planners, found a common language and created one of the world’s leading tech hubs to date,… and how a multi-stakeholders approach supports the startup ecosystem to thrive.

⚙️The #leitmotifs of the discussion were âž¡ï¸ opened community âž¡ï¸ reach out âž¡ï¸come together to make a difference

👉🏻Here are the most important #takeaways for the RO startup ecosystem growth:
▶️geography of innovation is not even, as the worlds’ innovation is not flat, it’s spiky
▶️it is important for Romania to understand the next #programming#period and make a change, #now is a #key#moment(!)
▶️@Greenlabs -> we are here to serve the entrepreneurs
▶️#climate #change is extremely important -> we need to make it a common goal to raise the issue of climate change globally
▶️industry 4.0 – #green#industrial#revolution -> an inclusive revolution
▶️#collaboration among startups, peer to peer connection -> entrepreneurs need to come together, pull resources to scale their companies
▶️entrepreneurship is a lonely journey and founders need to have each other, share tools and techniques -> they need a safe space to test their ideas
▶️the #investors#role is to spur ecosystem growth, âœ”️to be available to help the entrepreneurs, âœ”️to make sure entrepreneurs have the resources they need and the right mindset, that will attract the investors, âœ”️to have the opportunity to share knowledge, to collaborate, not to keep findings to themselves
▶️#internship programs in the #venture#firms to multiply the effect and attract students to different fields

🙏🏻Thank you to Boston for showing us how it’s done âœŒðŸ» and a big thank you to the great speakers that, besides knowledge & expertise, showed us a lot of openness & enthusiasm🙌🏻 Phil Budden, Christina Karapataki, @Ryan Dings, @Elaine Cheng and, of course to our great #host Georgina Campbell Flatter.

Special thanks to the World Bank for a great second round of ecosystem talks, to the European CommissionAgentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Nord-Est & Rubik Hub for their support and also to the RO startup ecosystem enablers âž¡ï¸ROCA XHow to WebActivizeTBNR Accelerator IașiCodecamp RomaniaCluj StartupsStrongbytesFreshBlood🙏🏻🙌🏻

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