🙌🏻Thank you #NewYork for yesterday’s ecosystem showcase talk, the 1st in a long series. It was really insightful to find out how NY City became a tech hub without tech and is currently the 2nd largest VC ecosystem in the world, with over $16 bil. invested in 2019🤩.

🙏🏻We are grateful to have taken with us some #great#takeaways, transferrable to the Romanian startup ecosystem:
✔️INCLUSION IS KEY – we need to be inclusive in order to collaborate and co-create at any level
✔️DIVERSITY & CULTURE are also important main factors for a healthy, strong ecosystem
✔️EMBRACE FAILURE – as the safest and most durable way to grow
✔️OPENNESS & VULNERABILITY – are two of the most important signs of strength
✔️FOCUS ON MAIN VERTICALS – identify our main advantages, what defines us best as a country and focus on building and promoting them; for NY were the fintech and fashion industries, as well as it’s geographical proximity to Europe
✔️THE POWER OF STORYTELLING – it is definitory how you tell your story to the world
✔️BULDING GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS – focus on helping people by putting their own interest first; #givebeforeyouget
✔️USE THE CITY AS A TESTBED FOR EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES – openness from state institutions to create and provide the necessary framework for startups to test their solutions and promote them -> so did the NY City
✔️INVEST IN TALENT – startups are talented and passionate people, thus scout the talent and fuel the passion

👉🏻Special thanks to the World Bank for putting this great talk together and also to the European CommissionSecretariatul General al GuvernuluiAgentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Nord-Est & Rubik Hub for their support!

🗣️Shout out to the great speakers who shared their stories & knowledge âž¡ï¸ @Alicia Syrett; Galina Ozgur; @Gary Johnson; Jason Saltzman and to the RO startup ecosystem enablers âž¡ï¸ROCA XHow to WebActivizeTBNR Accelerator IașiCodecamp RomaniaCluj StartupsStrongbytesFreshBlood

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