The Romanian startup ecosystem has been expanding in the recent years and the international success of the two Romania unicorns – UiPath & Elrond Network, proves that Romania has great potential to become one of the most vibrant innovation hubs in the CEE.

Nevertheless, despite the emergence of the Romanian startup ecosystem, the country still needs to develop a common vision on how innovative startups can contribute to the its economic growth. This is where ROStartup, as the first Romanian Startup Ecosystem Strategy, finds its place and purpose, … and in this context ROStartup emerged as a grassroots movement within Romania’s startup community that has received support from the North-East Regional Development Agency, the World Bank Group and the European Commission, improving networks and linkages between key ecosystem stakeholders.

We proudly present to you the first Romanian Start-up Ecosystem White Paper, that soon is going to be transformed into the first Romanian Start-up Ecosystem Strategy!

It is a result of over 1 year of extensive effort and work done mostly by the community; the people who, no-matter-what, contribute, play an active role and support the development of the future start-up and entrepreneurship ecosystem in our country.

This project employs an open and inclusive development process for building the strategy, where direct input and participation of the startup/entrepreneurship community and other stakeholders has been a critical component for the creation of a successful and sustainable strategy.

We invite everyone within the ROStartup community to take a look on the white paper, go through the context, the solutions, the interventions, … and share your thoughts with us. We’re here to gladly take them on board! Thank you!

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